Families – feeling like slaves

In many ways, this system puts wear and tear on working-class  people.  Look at the military. As Bob Fertik and Ted Kahl of Democrats.com noted in 2003:   “Bush has used ‘stop-loss’ orders  to force at least 40,000 U.S. soldiers to serve beyond the end of their tour of duty, leaving soldiers – and  their families – feeling like slaves.  And because troops feel abused, re-enlistment rates are dropping,  and our armed forces are losing good, experienced soldiers.”    I hardly consider myself “pro-military,” but it seems there is truth to that assessment.  Over five years have passed since that was written, and Americans are now saddled with additional worries — cumulatively referred to as “the economic meltdown”. No doubt, many people still “feel like slaves.”  In figuring out possible solutions, I’ll cut right to the chase. In addition to calling off the dogs of war, we should stop certain policies, such as interest  collection, evictions, foreclosures, and liquidations. Hardship would be reduced significantly if it wasn’t artificially forced  upon people, and youngsters would less likely join the military purely for financial reasons  (as plenty of people actually do) if they didn’t feel vulnerable economically.  There’s nothing romantic or utopian about this to my mind, and we should start taking these steps as soon as possible, and I have no problem with this view being presented publicly.       Cited Source:  (“Top Bush Scandals of 2003, Part I: Iraq,” Bob Fertik and Ted Kahl, Democrats.com: http://archive.democrats.com/view.cfm?id=18639)

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