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August 17, 2015

First supply me with reason, reason supplies me with doubt.
I always return from within my mind, to ponder that I ever got out —

Keep on clicking

April 6, 2015

You can’t stop reading this trash,
or looking at the various cameras Click!
Everything rushes by, only faster now,
and people keep wanting what they are not allowed,
just to make the sewer and the fire blend.
Keep on clicking.

nothing as it seems to be

February 18, 2015

As set forth, nothing as it seems to be
Your propitiation swings like a machete.

New Year’s Resolution

January 5, 2015

Though it seems so worthless, you imagine all you want done,
and consider all who won’t do it for you.
It’s time to cut the extra loop
and let those laced to you now go free.

At the molecular level,
you hate yourself
and all you can and cannot see.
But some things you have to move away from,
just to make some elbow room,
so let those laced to you now go free.

The Wizard

September 7, 2012

I drop words simply til they hit  carve them into digestable bits cut into a meaning, straight to the core eliminate excess pus, bruises and sores. Get nutritional value, absorbed and stored into life essence like a reward.

But my intake of knowledge is threatened by ignorance conflicts that stick masquerade as intelligence I speak, of course, of party politics, and the schemers lined up all craftily selling this. I know what they sell, and more are now smelling this, it’s a dirty tale to tell, but I’m the one telling this.

Indoctrination compatible with fatalities injecting false civility into brute animality madly and sadly, many go willingly,  for well-paid and brainwashed shills, indeed.

What today passes for national policy? Quite typically, what most can only do criminally. But the given orders are carried out dilligently, so by definition we fullfill ruling class prophecy.  Fittingly, we pay taxes, or the filling-up-coffins-fee, but if you call this fair, you’re not talking honestly! I see a history book, I’ll tell you what’s often hitting me: goose-stepping fools, war and atrocity. Competing assholes punish varying apostasies; It’s caveman with club, marketed as philosophy.

And this is all practically killing me, so much of what we are is just what we’re willed to be by a ruling caste that only pretends to have empathy — quite simply, they are the crocs to our proverbial wildebeast. Yet propaganda provides the illusion of compatibility between working-class interests and their ruling class enemies.

Sure, their so-called “news” comes in very few hues, but at least it’s delivered by folks in nice suits!? These talking heads will act increasingly rude, spewing one-sided views and cutting off mics in interviews. No food for thought, the lack thereof is their food but they manage to keep enough eyes glued.

Perhaps it’s the nerve, or the graphics they use — blazing colors of lies, distortions, half-truths. But does it pass for journalism in the red, white, and blue? Nah!, Ann Coulter wants you for her stew, and your little dog, too!

It’s the greatest disease that will spread like a plague pyro-maniac leaders set the world aflame. To politicians the people are but pawns to be played well, I offer a solution, revolutionary but plain: Stop supporting these bastards, it’s stupid, insane. There’s a man behind the curtain, so expose the charade!

The militarists, the bankers, the whole legislature, I’ve been on to them, observing the nature – of the game they set forth by propaganda and law it’s the very best and very worst kind of fraud. It’ll take an effort to remove them and move on but progress is alive, and it could be a new dawn.

The way upward is human, through it we could fair well It’s not static and dead, it is motion in parallel  It’s a physically alive, thinking stairwell, It’s being human with interests not narrow as hell.

Surface values questioned, look within truth transcends belief, or color of skin but we need to realize what we’re living in unless we desire imprisonment, and the same for our kin.   Of the weak and the strong, I think very frequently they can alternately make, break or weaken me so when I read the newspaper, I understand why they lie, and though some say nothing changes, at least we can try.