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August 17, 2015

First supply me with reason, reason supplies me with doubt.
I always return from within my mind, to ponder that I ever got out —

Keep on clicking

April 6, 2015

You can’t stop reading this trash,
or looking at the various cameras Click!
Everything rushes by, only faster now,
and people keep wanting what they are not allowed,
just to make the sewer and the fire blend.
Keep on clicking.

New Year’s Resolution

January 5, 2015

Though it seems so worthless, you imagine all you want done,
and consider all who won’t do it for you.
It’s time to cut the extra loop
and let those laced to you now go free.

At the molecular level,
you hate yourself
and all you can and cannot see.
But some things you have to move away from,
just to make some elbow room,
so let those laced to you now go free.