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What is “unfocused and leaderless?”

December 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street has been condemned as “unfocused and leaderless,” but a lot of things could be considered that way.

For example, has America really been “liberating” the Middle East? Look at Iraq. First of all, the country was run by a dictator  America previously supported, and Iraq was worsened by the US-backed  Iran-Iraq War, by all the subsequent wars, and by UN sanctions which virtually crippled the country.  The elections only occurred because thousands of Iraqis opposed the  occupation government which had, among other things, disbanded the Iraqi army (thus hurting the economy even more) and banned Iraqi  newspapers. Obama is not the antidote some were hoping for, either. Regarding foreign policy, Obama doesn’t propose too many actual reforms. Maybe the newspapers tell a different story, but anything  even marginally different is usually considered extremely leftist by the right wing press.   Israel still has massive support by the United States, despite its clear crimes. Etc. etc. etc.  

Countless sums of taxpayer dollars wasted over a span of 60 years (JFK was partly responsible for Saddam Hussein’s getting into power).