On Ann Coulter

In American political culture, a lot of things actually make sense.
For example, the call to limit salaries at banks taking taxpayer bailouts.
In fact, one could argue that perhaps — just perhaps — some salaries should have been removed.
Then there are things, and even people, which make little to no sense.
An example of this would be Ann Coulter.
Among other nonsensical things, she’s made this statement regarding the Middle East:
“We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert
 them to Christianity.”
Facsinatingly, some have defended this view.
In a debate site online, someone told me that
“Coulter’s point is that Iran would be a better place
 with a different government and a different religion…Christianity for one.”
Of course, saying a thing shouldn’t exist and calling for violence against
 it can be entirely separate things.
It’s one thing to say “the cat shouldn’t be in
 the house,” and another to say “let’s torture and kill
the cat, then burn it in a backyard bonfire.”

In actuality, Ann Coulter’s view essentially dehumanizes her targets — they
 are nothing but impediments to her self-righteous goal of a global Christian theocracy.
It’s like my telling her that she isn’t human; that
she is merely a thing to be removed from human society.

We’re all guilty of this attitude to an extent, but
it’s up to us to mediate that extent.
But also, let’s be honest — we don’t all like each other.
I really wouldn’t be shattered to learn that Ann Coulter died.
There, I said it.
After hearing that, I would still put on my shoes, check the mail and go about the rest of my day.
But, at the end of the day, I’d settle back into an easy chair, knowing it wasn’t me who
who killed her or anyone else.
I’m not calling for the extermination of nonbelievers, nor am I a well-paid public figure.
I can’t say this for Republican ideologues who clearly want to kill people in the Middle East.

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