Sometimes I wonder if this system is deliberately wrong.

In the name of freedom, America’s government wants to lock people up without trial, evidence, or even formal charges.
 They’ll change the law to assist in this tyranny, but the basic standard of having trials is not strictly a legal or constitutional one anyway, but a logical one.  Evidence and charges become even more important when we know — as anyone can discover — that  people are often arrested as “terror suspects” without doing anything wrong. We know there have been mass arrests in Iraq, for example, where surely not every single person arrested did anything “terroristic.”  Proving innocence or guilt is better than simply assuming things and, contrary to right-wing media says, equal standards of justice will not automatically increase the risk of terror attacks. 

As I’ve already touched upon the subject, I’ll note how absolutely crazy US foreign policy has become, and how the US can actually do very little to prevent things getting worse. While we claim to object to terrorism and certain weapons falling into “the wrong hands,” we should consider, for example, our ally Pakistan.  Pakistan has a nuclear policy that, to any sane American, has become a liability rather than an asset.  Then there is nuclear-armed Israel and, of course, the supreme irony that the United States — the country so concerned about nuclear violence — is the only country in the world to have attacked another with nuclear weapons.  Such hypocrisy tends to go unnoticed, even as “national security” becomes ever more convoluted — and it will continue to worsen as long as huge profits in taxpayer money are available. 

And yes, due to our faltering economy, our military has become the employer of last resort.  It obviously wouldn’t enjoy as much support if (a) people weren’t so highly indoctrinated and (b) we lived in a free economy. 

General observations become relevant: 
Wise folks through the ages have criticized material greed and the accumulation of wealth, noting how it fosters social problems.  I say that if everyone, or even a substantial portion of a community, is only interested in making money and owning stuff,  they have a mental illness for which I have no cure.  Look at money itself:  First of all, wages — at least as they are now — symbolize systematic inequality. You’re having money given to you by a system, by managers and bosses you are subordinate to.  You are, by way of the monopolies of state and capitalist institutions, compelled to use money to access land in general, and most goods and services.  That’s a form of inequality, and, to my knowledge, it’s systematic.  Money should be considered an IOU and nothing more.  But that’s not what it’s intended for.  
I should touch upon something else:  Many critics of a would-be self-managed, libertarian socialist economy assume (rather bizarrely) that needed goods wouldn’t be part of worker self-fulfillment and that every last bit of economic production would cease.  Anarchist Spain proves that theory dead wrong, but the point is still argued.   It’s also assumed that a freer society would be a more violent one; as if liberty means a great man would lose all his luster, and that previously peaceful people would instantaneously begin rioting (and, I assume, suddenly decide to push grandma down the stairs).  Of course, if it’s true that all good will and social order wears out so very quickly without governmental authority, we’re screwed no matter what we do.  Thankfully, though, that’s only a myth perpetuated to keep illegitimate authority around, and the people afraid of themselves.

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