My post on Barack Obama’s blog

Here is what Obama said on his Myspace blog:
“Thanks in no small part to your incredible work and
dedication, we have taken another step towards creating jobs and
 rebuilding our struggling economy.
Last week, the budget I submitted to Congress passed both
the House and the Senate and it embraces our most
 fundamental priorities: an energy plan that will end our dependence
 on foreign oil and spur a new clean energy economy;
an education system that will give our children the tools
to compete in the economy of the 21st century; and
health care reform that finally confronts the back-breaking costs
 plaguing families, businesses and government alike.”
My post on Barack Obama’s blog (I even tried to be polite):
In the words of American composer Jerome Kern:
       “Nothing’s impossible I have found,
       for when you find yourself on the ground
       you pick yourself up, dust yourself off,
       and start all over again.” 

That being said, Mr. Obama, I tend to agree with Michael Lind’s statement that America is “divided between rentiers and menial service-sector proles,” which does not bode well for workers in a global industrial economy.  My point is, if such a division did not exist, and if workers and non-workers alike had a greater voice in the economy, we wouldn’t even have to “bring health care to every American”, for I assume they’d already have access to care they desire and deserve.
But America is still regressing by any standard.  I encourage anyone (even a White House staffer) reading this post to look into the following story, an example of just how easy it is for average Americans to become homeless in this pitiful “rentier” economy:  

Thank you for your time, if indeed anyone has read this…  

Do you think it will be read and posted as a comment?  I doubt it.  But I figured I’d give it a shot.

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