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Why I basically yawn at the abortion issue

September 22, 2009

Humanity has weathered some of the most terrible storms imaginable.
Some of these stem from nature itself, or our inability to
 adequately prepare for natural conditions.
Some are manmade; coming from ignorance and superstition
and/or from self-centered, sadistic persons.
It’s as simple as that, at least to someone who
 wishes to keep life relatively simple.

But some wish to complicate things by inventing serious issues where there ultimately needn’t be anyway, as hinted at above.
Take abortion for example.
By distracting us from addressing (and possibly solving) far
 more serious issues, this debate inevitably makes life more complicated.
 My position is simple: Decisions over a baby should largely be
 up to a woman and perhaps her immediate family (I say “largely”
 because perhaps in weird scenarios there could be exceptions — you know, logic compels me to allow for this).
It shouldn’t be up to you, me, or paid propagandists and
 opportunistic zealots.
Expecting every baby to live can only make us unhappy in the long run.

I’m just trying to tell it like it is.
I’m not always successful, but I try.

There’s also a needless debate over whether an aborted
 fetus is “human.”
I am pro-choice, but I’d still say, “Yes, it is a human fetus.”
A pregnant woman is indeed a pregnant woman.
She is technically not a pregnant fish or other mammal, and the
 potential baby she could chooses to kill is also just that, for
 better or worse.
End of debate, as far as I’m concerned.
One can still be pro-choice and admit that abortions involve
 human fetuses.

The solution to this largely exaggerated and imaginary problem:
If you are responsible for the education of children, teach them
all the facts and options about sex and reproduction to prevent
 unwanted pregnancies and diseases, and generally mind your own
 business unless someone is directly harming you.
Until someone forces me to take part in abortions —
by involuntarily funding them or somehow providing them — I’ll consider this
practically synonymous with the term “non-issue”.